The title of this book is a reference to the 5th and 3th sphere of the "Tree of Life" of the Qabalah; a map of consciousness for personal development and self-realization. Geburah & Binah is the 28th of 32 connecting paths of the Tree. The path is The way of Grief: Geburah, the sphere of the archetype of Will and Power, also relating to Mars and Binah, the sphere of Spiritual Love, also relating to Saturn.

This book is the same version of the first book I made in 1990 called "Variable Rotation". The scale of the images and book are very different from the previous one and what makes this book distinct, is the way the pages are put together as a leparello fold (the simplest form of sculptural book) so that the images are playing a very different dynamic structure. When the book is removed from the cover and the folds are opened as one long page, the colours are no longer visible and you only see all white images. The experience is quite magic!.

There are two versions of this book:

Colour form: This book is silk-screen printed with water based colour on 200 gsm velin arches paper on the back of 12 pages and cut through so colours -cyan, magenta, yellow and green- are only visible when the pages are folded as leparello.

  • Edition of 12 copies only, all numbered and signed by the artist.

White form: The images of this book are cut through at the very edge of the folded pages so that when the book is all open away from the cover, two images become one.

  • Edition of 7 copies only, all numbered and signed by the artist.
  • Size of both books : 10 by 16 cm.
  • Printed in London and published by Fibonacci Press in 2001.
  • Price £150 each.
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