This book is a three-dimensional version of a series of 12 drawings in which sections of a sub-divided square are rotated to give varying patterns. The scale of the uniform pages is determined by the size of the lattice-work square which each one holds at its centre, comprising screenprinted sections in pastel colours and cut-outs, so that the voids both indicate the configuration derived from each rotation and also let in the colour from the succeeding square. Turning the page produces a colourless 'negative' in the form of the reverse side of the cut-out, and is held within the boundary of the page edge, with each double-spread, providing a bass note against which the gentle colours of the next central square can play. As the pages are turned, both the left and right-hand layers build into different structures, but there is also a third 'reading', the arc between the two, during which the cut-out hollow is in motion.
  • The book is straight bound, with 16 silk-screen printed images with oil ink (blue, yellow, red and green) and hand cut by the artist on 280gsm BFK Rives Grey paper
  • Size of the book: 18 by 18 cm.
  • Edition of 12 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • The book was printed in London in 1990.
  • Price £ 250 each
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