This book is a statement of great clarity, setting down the vocabulary essential to the artist, the key players being the ''primary" shapes (the square, the circle and the triangle) and the three primary colours (Magenta, Cyan and Yellow) The Cover image shows the circle and triangle bounded by the square and announces the investigation within. The square is the starting point, the image on the fist right-handed sheet, rich cyan blue against the flexible Bunkoshi paper, and it is repeated as a mirror image on the left-hand succeeding page, but this time the right-handed leaf of the spread is bisected. This half-width page bears a cyan blue half-square which forms a whole when resting against a deeper blue partner on the next right-hand sheet. When the half-sheet is turned, another mirror image takes its place to complete a full square on the left-hand side, so creating a sense of continuity and steadily flow through the book. This principle is established at the very moment that the artist takes flight, for the turning of the half-page shows that the now fully-revealed right-hand sheet bears not the expected full square but a partial square, its formerly hidden corner curved in a gentle arc. It is the beginning of a magical dance where each move modifies the ratio of colour and shape so that the blue square, the magenta circle and the yellow triangle give away to one another with the ease of an amoeba constantly reforming itself.
  • The book is bound in a typical Japanese style with 24 images silk-screen printed with oil ink on 71 gsm hand made Bunkoshi paper.
  • Size of the book: 23 by 22 cm.
  • Edition of 25 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • Printed in London and published by WASP Editions in 1993.
  • Price £ 200.
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