The title of this book is a reference to a Sanskrit prayer which translates as "Lead me from the Unreal to the Real". The primary shapes have a double role, appearing singly as a procession of cut-outs on the left-hand pages, so giving a controlled viewing on the varying arrangements of the same printed shapes on the right-hand pages. On a crude level, the book succeeds as a pleasing flick book as the shapes rise and fall within their restricted path, but the more the eye begins to understand the sequence, the more the implications are understood. The drama of the book stems from the multiplicity unleashed by adherence to mathematical law (Fibonacci ratio) which gives them life. Crucial to their success is the realisation that the artist's actions are the means of revealing something pre-existing. Once set in motion, the pieces appear almost to have made themselves.

The book is bound in a typical Japanese style with 9 images and back pages printed with oil ink on 71 gsm Bunkoshi paper. The colours used are the primary ones only (cyan, magenta and yellow).

  • Size of the book: 19 by 26 cm.
  • Edition of 21 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • Printed in London and published by WASP Editions in 1995
  • Price £ 200.
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