The title of this book is a reference to the 10th sphere of the " Tree of Life"; a map of consciousness for a personal development and self-realization. Malkuth corresponds with the human body and the senses, also represent the final result of the creation, the whole physical, manifest world and everything in it. Only two colours are used for the images of this book: Yellow and Cyan. Each image is cut and fold back to allowed a left-hand and right-hand reading. The first images becomes reversed on the last page as from positive to negative, with only four turning of the pages. There is only one shape dominating this small and modest book; the square, as the symbol of the earth.

The book is bound in a traditional way with only 4 images, printed with water-based ink and cut on 250 gsm Lana Gravure paper.

  • Size of the book; 20 by 20 cm.
  • Edition of 21 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • Printed in London and published by Fibonacci Press in 1997.
  • Price £ 90.
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