This book is a new approach to the first book with the same title. Each of the 16 subdivisions of the Magic Square (see the cover of the first book by clicking the title ) are in this edition printed with transparent colours on a single sheet of acetate. The image on the left shows only half of the 16 subdivisions (also half of the book in a very crude sense, since the real book can not be represented in here). The book is made up with 16 layers of printed acetate, to give a total transparency throughout the book. By turning the pages the colours will mix as the 16 subdivisions come together, some overlapping each other. The book is contained in a perspex box, so that everything becomes a single transparent object.

The book is bound with a transparent plastic spiral.

  • Size of the book: 31 by 15 cm.
  • Edition of 12 copies only, all signed by the artist.
  • Printed in London and published by Fibonacci Press in 1999.
  • Price £ 250.
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